Following the ceremony, we are holding an intimate cocktail-style reception for family and invited guests.

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Location and Date & Time

AUGUST 17, 2022



"Out on a Limb"




Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania | Arboretum of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

"Out on a Limb" Page

Guests may arrive as early as 5:00PM to tour the gardens and other exhibits, like the "Garden Railway" or "Summer of Swings."

Guests may also arrive and depart, whenever convenient. We do not have a formal programme (no speeches!).

Photographs of the grounds are encouraged!

If you received a paper invitation with a QR Code, please click the button below to respond.
Your presence is our present! Donations to our favored charities can be made here.


The following menu is tentative and subject to change. All items will be casually served, small-plate, and vegan.

Stationary Appetizers (One-hour Display)

Mediterranean Station

  • Traditional Hummus and Sweet English Pea Hummus with Fresh Thyme

  • Traditional Tomato Bruschetta, Roasted Corn and Poblano Bruschetta

  • Toasted Naan & Croustades

  • Carrot & Cucumber Chips

Stationary Entrees

  • DIY Tacos & Bowls with Flour Tortillas and Mexican Rice

    • 2 Protein Selections: Black Beans or Beyond Meat

    • Toppings: Pico de Gallo, Salsa Verde, Guacamole, Shredded Lettuce, & Shredded (Vegan) Cheeses

  • Slider Bar, Served on Artisan Brioche Slider Rolls

  • Tofu Banh Mi Slider Soy Glazed Tofu, Pickled Carrot, Cucumber, Soy Ginger Aioli (Vegan)

  • Traditional Falafel Slider Tzatziki Sauce, Fresh Mint

  • Crispy Corn + Black Bean Fritter Slider Lime & Jalapeno Aioli (Vegan)

  • Grilled Seasonal Vegetable Slider with Toasted-Garlic Hummus


  • Fresh-Infused Seasonal Lemonade & Herb-Infused Water

  • Wines

  • Mainstay Brewing Co. (PA), Love Your Park Pale Ale

5.3% alc. by volume • 12 fluid oz. • An unfiltered pale ale brewed to benefit Philadelphia’s parks. Filled with fresh Mosaic, Citra, Centennial and Cascade hops. Medium bodied, golden, fruity and hoppy. (Read more about the Love Your Park ale here.)

  • Victory Brewing Co. (PA), Summer Love

5.3% alc. by volume • 12 fluid oz. • A refreshing golden ale that delivers big flavor through its fine balance of clean pilsner malts and citrusy, earthy Simcoe and Tettnang hops.

  • Allagash Brewing Co. (ME)

5.3% alc. by volume • 12 fluid oz. • A refreshing golden ale that delivers big flavor through its fine balance of clean pilsner malts and citrusy, earthy Simcoe and Tettnang hops.


Transportation & Parking

Transportation from Center City and the Ceremony

There are two, separate SEPTA Regional Rail lines that both run from LOVE Park to Chestnut Hill (the neighborhood near the Arboretum): "Chestnut Hill East" and "Chestnut Hill West." At the last-stop train stations for the "East" and "West" lines, an Uber or Lyft can take you the remaining 1.5 mi to the Arboretum.

The trip is about 75 minutes long. Feel free to check the train schedules here.

You can also take an Uber or Lyft from Center City to the Arboretum in Chestnut Hill. The approximate one-way cost will be $40. (See here for an Uber ride estimator.)


There is a free, on-site parking lot, adjacent to the Visitors' Center. (See the maps, below.)


We are not reserving a block of rooms at a nearby hotel. There are a number of comfortable accommodations close to the ceremony or to the cocktail reception. See below.

Near to the Ceremony

There are a number of hotels within walking distance of the ceremony. Here are two we recommend:

21 N Juniper Street

Philadelphia, PA 19107

Liberty Place

99 S 17th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19103

Near to the Morris Arboretum

There are a number of bed-and-breakfast accommodations and an inn in nearby Chestnut Hill, as well as hotels in the Ft. Washington and Plymouth Meeting areas of suburban Montgomery County. Here is a list of notable accommodations that are near to the Morris Arboretum (click the name to be redirected to the corresponding website):

8229 Germantown Avenue

Philadelphia, PA

Contact: (215) 242-5905

800 Ridge Pike

Lafayette Hill, PA

Contact: (610) 825-8000

Germantown Pike and Hickory Road

Plymouth Meeting, PA

Contact: (484) 213-8687

Germantown Pike and Hickory Road

Plymouth Meeting, PA

Contact: (610) 834-8300

2055 Chemical Road

Plymouth Meeting, PA

Contact: (610) 567-0900

530 W. Pennsylvania Avenue

Fort Washington, PA

Contact: (215) 646-4637 x103

432 Pennsylvania Avenue

Fort Washington, PA

Contact: (215) 591-9000

200 Lee Drive

Plymouth Meeting, PA

Contact: 610-828-9600

501 E. Germantown Pike

East Norriton, PA

Contact: (610) 313-9990 x601

430 Plymouth Road

Plymouth Meeting, PA

Contact: (484) 213-8687

Attire, Guest Book, & Music


As with the ceremony, we recommend casual-comfortable (but also festive) clothing. You may want to be more casual than during the ceremony. Wood planking and metal grates constitute the flooring of the Out on a Limb space; therefore, narrow heels might not be recommended.

Guest Book

We will have a Guest Book, located near the entrance to Out on a Limb. Please consider signing-in as you arrive. Note, also, that there are benches immediately adjacent to the entrance, which are also available for our use.


We will be playing music from a public Spotify playlist. Feel free to contribute song ideas here! Scroll to the bottom of this page, if you'd like to hear the current set.

COVID-19 Related Policies and Weather & Related Considerations

COVID-19 Related Policies

At the present time, the Morris Arboretum is following the COVID-19 related policies of the City of Philadelphia for outdoor spaces. We are not aware of any special considerations, and as with the COVID-19 information shown on our ceremony page, we encourage guests to do whatever necessary for their own comfort.

Weather & Related Considerations

In the event of rain or thunderstorms, we will relocate to a large, tented space adjacent to the Visitors' Center. From the entrance to Out on a Limb, follow the pathway toward and behind the Visitors' Center (downhill).

You may want to prepare for heat, sunshine, and insects, as well. We are told that mosquitos are not usually a problem there, but Josh is from Maine and tends to attract them. Spotted Lanternflies are likely to be hanging around, as well. They are not harmful to humans, but they can be annoying.

As the sun begins to set, the Out on a Limb space will become quite dark. We will have dim table lights setup, but you should take care in walking throughout the space, which is not fully smooth.

While there is a rope-climbing area for little ones (or big ones who are little at heart), traversing the Out on a Limb space does not require climbing stairs or ropes of any kind. It is a wooden pathway that extends from near the Visitors' Center out into the canopy of the Wissahickon Valley forest.

For those with sensitivity to height, note that the farthest outpost of the Out on a Limb space is also 50+ ft above the forest floor. There are, however, spaces for socializing that are much closer to ground-level. There are also two, small, covered areas within the Out on a Limb space.

See a detailed map of the grounds of the Morris Arboretum here.

The following image highlights the locations of the driving entrance, parking, restrooms, the "Out on a Limb" entrance, and the inclement weather location (which will be located underneath a large tent, adjacent to the Visitors' Center).